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Have you suffered a concussion, or suspect you have? Do you play sports? Do you have children who do?

We offer three types of concussion management appointments: Concussion Assessment appointments and follow-up appointments for concussion management and Concussion Baseline Screening, for individuals and teams (email for more info)

Concussion Assessment $110 (1 hour)

Should you sustain or suspect you have sustained a concussion, the physiotherapist can determine the severity of the concussion and outline a treatment plan to return you to school, work or sport. First and foremost, serious signs or symptoms that would require a referral to a physician, are ruled out and referral made. The rest of the assessment includes the administration of the SCAT5, a cervical spine (neck) and TMJ assessment, a neurological screen, a dizziness assessment, balance and coordination testing, as well as vision and vestibular tests. Based on this assessment the severity of the concussion and the areas of impairment are determined. A treatment plan is devised which may include balance training, neck treatment, and referral to other health care professionals if vestibular or visual deficits are found. Treatment will also include a step-by-step protocol to help the individual return to sport or to school/work in a safe and timely manner. Should follow-up visits be required, the cost is $68.

Concussion Follow-up $75 (30-minutes)

Meant to monitor progression of concussion symptoms and/or treatment plan developed in the initial assessment appointment. Often includes progression of treatment plan; number of follow-up appointments needed varies with each patient and severity of concussion.

Baseline Screen $50 (30 minutes)

Performed by a Registered Physiotherapist, a baseline screening appointment is designed to establish what your “normal” brain function is, prior to a concussion. The Physiotherapist will administer the SCAT-5, or the Child-SCAT (depending on age), which is a standardized tool for evaluating injured athletes for concussion. It evaluates symptoms, memory, neck function, balance, and coordination. Should an athlete sustain a concussion, this baseline score can be used to determine how extensive the concussion is compared to the athlete's “normal” state. Because children's brains are constantly developing, it is advised to have a baseline screen done every 1-2 years. The athlete and/or parents will be provided the results, and the results are securely stored in our electronic medical records should they need to be accessed for comparison.

If your sport team or organization is interested in having a larger group of athletes have a baseline screen done, please email to arrange this. Groups of 8 or more athletes will receive a 15% discount.

Concussion Screening & Management - $75 - $110