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Have you suffered a concussion, or suspect you have? Do you play sports? Do you have children who do?

We offer Concussion Assessment appointments and follow-up appointments for concussion management.

Concussion Assessment $110 (1 hour)

The majority of people recover fully from a concussion injury with appropriate management. Should
you sustain or suspect you have sustained a concussion, the physiotherapist can provide you with
advice unique to your situation to assist your gradual return to school, work, or sport. Sometimes
symptoms can persist past the expected recovery timelines and can be explained by other factors.
The physiotherapist will evaluate your symptoms, their severity, and how long you have been
experiencing them. Further assessments of the following: cervical spine (neck), visual system,
vestibular system (inner ear), balance and coordination, memory and concentration, cardiovascular
system and a neurological screen may also be completed depending on your symptoms. Based on
this assessment the areas of impairment that may be contributing to your symptoms are determined.
A treatment plan is devised which may include manual therapy, balance training, vestibular and/or
visual exercises, strategies for symptom management, cardiovascular exercise and strength and mobility exercises. Treatment will also include a step-by-step protocol to help the individual return
to school, work or sport in a safe and gradual manner. At times a referral to other health care
professionals such as an Optometrist or an Occupational Therapist will be encouraged.

Concussion Follow-up $75 (30-minutes)

Meant to monitor progression of concussion symptoms and/or treatment plan developed in the initial assessment appointment. Often includes progression of treatment plan; number of follow-up appointments needed varies with each patient and severity of concussion.
‚Äč*Concussion assessment and treatment performed by a Registered Physiotherapist is covered by
many extended health insurance plans. Active Living Physiotherapy will direct bill on your behalf.

Concussion Screening & Management - $75 - $110