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Do you want to perform better? Do you want to free of aches and pains? Then a FUNctional Movement screen is for YOU!

When a car’s wheels are “out of alignment” the tires wear unevenly and eventually affect performance unless the alignment is fixed. Just like a car, the human system will alter its movement patterns in the presence of weakness, tightness, mal-alignment, or in the presence of pain. Over time, this results in clinically observed impairments such as decreased range of motion, muscle length changes, and declines in strength.

The Functional Movement Screen is a comprehensive individual assessment of your body to:

• Discover hidden weaknesses and asymmetries
• Prevent injury and promote durability
• Build balanced fitness
• Magnify your potential

The assessment incorporates various tests including posture, muscle balance, joint-specific flexibility, core strength, body awareness/proprioception and endurance. The Physiotherapist – a movement specialist - will relate the test findings to your sport and physical demands Your physiotherapist will develop an athlete-specific treatment plan to optimize your performance and prevent injuries with the goal of creating symmetry and optimal movement patterns. This customizable assessment is based on the screening tool used for the BC provincial teams and a research-based, reliable screen by Gray Cook, Physiotherapist. Please allow one hour and bring shorts and a T-shirt.

Note: Our FMS can be done for individual athletes, or for an entire team. It is designed for both novice and elite athletes from any sport. Our physiotherapists would be happy to communicate our findings to coaches and trainers upon request.

$130 *note: many extended health plans cover physiotherapy including a Functional Movement Screen

FUNctional Movement Screens - $130