If you are looking for resources from running, to stretching to meal ideas, may we suggest the following? - Prevention of Running Injuries and Resources for Runners

Prevention of Running Injuries - By Blaise Dubois, B.Sc., P.T., RCAMT, SPDOne author's opinion on the bio-mechanics of running, Top 10 Running Myths, and choosing a running shoe. An interesting read!

Concussion Management - Return to Sport Guidelines or Return to School Guidelines

Fitting a Backpack - How to properly fit a backpack

Run Fast. Cook Slow. Eat Slow The best-selling follow up to the "Run Fast, Eat Slow" cookbook by Olympian and elite runner Shalane Flanagan and nutrition coach Elyse Kopecky. One of our faves!

Anatomy for Runners - by Jay Dicharry, MPT. A must read for all runners!

Run Less, Run Faster - by Bill Pierce, Scott Murr and Ray Moss. How to train efficiently and stop wasting your time!