Running Clinics

Our running clinics are developed and coached by Robyn Smalley, Kinesiologist and "TheRunningClinic" Certified Professional, and co-coached by Amanda Doherty, clinic manager and NAASFP Certified Running Coach.

Our running clinics are offered in the Spring and Fall. We offer a "Learn to Run 5km" option and a "Progress to 10km" option. Our programs are popular and provide a safe and easy introduction to the sport of running with a 12 week gradual progression. Programs include running specific strength exercises prior to each run; strengthening helps prevent injury while increasing running volume. Runs will take place on the road and in the trails. Learn new trails in a group environment and prepare yourself for any upcoming race, whether road or trail! We also discuss multiple educational topics including running form/technique, proper warm ups/stretches, rest vs. recovery, and more throughout the clinic.

What is 'foot strike'? There is lots of information out there with regards to our foot strike pattern when running (what part of your foot hits the ground first). Is heel striking always bad? Should everyone be landing on their forefoot? Current research is showing that our foot strike pattern is not as important as how HARD we hit the ground in terms of injury prevention. To help prevent running injuries, we want to land with a “soft” foot more than focusing on the actual foot strike pattern.

Try this fun exercise! Film yourself in slow-motion running with shoes and bare feet. Do you notice any difference in where you are landing on your foot, or how hard you are landing?? What do you notice about the difference in Robyn in this video?

For upcoming course dates & times, please see our "Upcoming Events" page.