Build Your Base Strength Course 

Building Your Base Strength (BBS)

The curriculum will focus on improving your resistance to injury by maximizing joint stability and improving your core strength, which relates directly to more efficient movement strategies.

Each week you will progress through more challenging drills and exercises. The purchase of an exercise booklet complete with photos and descriptions of all exercises is optional.

What is it?

• A 6-8week group training program to enhance core, joint stability and functional strength
• Designed for anyone looking to move more effectively, ideal for runners or other recreational athletes
• Limited space to ensure individual feedback
• Curriculum developed by Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists

• Level 1 and Level 2 courses offered*

“I'm using muscles I wasn't using before because I didn't know how. Now I think about these muscles in whatever exercise I'm doing...”

All classes will be held at the Active Living Physio Clinic, #2-2380 South Island Highway, Willow Point (Larwood Plaza)

For upcoming course dates and times, please see our "Upcoming Events" page

PLEASE NOTE: VIRTUAL CLASSES are running via Zoom cloud communications; a link will be sent a few days prior to the first class. 

*Level 1 is for first-timers; Level 2 class is for those who have completed the Level 1 course and would like to build on or maintain their progress.