We've got your rehab needs covered!

Did you know? We offer a number of products to assist with your rehab needs! We stock multiple, excellent quality products in different sizes and resistances that you can purchase what you need at the time of your appointment. 

We have the below items in stock as well as much more! Items are available for purchase for anyone, anytime. Ask us for more information. 

*Products may not be exactly as shown.


High-density Foam Rollers (36")

Lacrosse (massage) Balls

Resistance Bands (various resistances in 5-foot pre-cut lengths)

Resistance Band loops (various resistances)

Hand therapy balls (various resistances)

Hand therapy putty (various resistances)

Hand therapy grips (various resistances)

Exercise (swiss) Balls (in 55cm or 65cm sizes)

Shoulder Pulleys

Hot/Cold packs (Two sizes available)

Elbow Braces

Maternity splints

K-Tape (various colours)

Leukotape, Cover-roll, Athletic and other tape!