Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)

Vestibular rehabilitation involves the assessment and treatment of dizziness, vertigo, imbalance and inner problems such as BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Position Vertigo or BPPV). Symptoms due to vestibular disorders can diminish quality of life and impact all aspects of daily functions. Many patients are unaware that this debilitating problem can be easily treated and most commonly cured!

VRT begins with a comprehensive assessment that includes a detailed history of the patient’s symptoms as well as information on medication, hearing or vision problems, history of falls, and activity level. From there, the Physiotherapist will decipher, through a series of special tests, what is the root cause of the problem, and look at secondary problems as a result of the vertigo or dizziness (inactivity, loss of strength, stamina or mobility.) 

Depending on the cause of vertigo/dizziness, customized treatment consists of specific repositioning exercises (for BPPV), or compensation exercises which may involve habituation, gaze stabilization and/or balance training. With training, the body learns over time to compensate and people will feel better and return to activity.

This service is offered by Evan Somerville, Registered Physiotherapist. Evan has participated in specialized education in Vestibular Rehabilitation.

*Vestibular assessment and treatment performed by a Registered Physiotherapist is covered by many extended health insurance plans. Active Living Physiotherapy can direct-bill most extended health insurance companies.