Ergonomic Assessments

Did you know: Kinesiologists can help with creating an ideal workstation set up? This can help prevent repetitive strain injuries or other aches and pains that can occur with prolonged time working at a desk.

Many of us have had to move our office space into our homes. During an in-person or virtual appointment, a Kinesiologist can see and optimize your office set up often with only a few adjustments. A Kinesiologist can also give you some simple exercises to fit into your work day to help counteract fatigued muscles from sitting at a desk.

Ergonomic Assessments are offered by Robyn Smalley, Practicing Kinesiologist.

Please contact the clinic at 778.420.0111 to book this service.

In-Person Assessment $100 +GST 

(Cost includes Travel time and a report with recommendations)

Virtual Assessment $80 +GST

(Cost includes report with recommendations)