Pool Program (Hydrotherapy)

Active Living Physiotherapy offers a Kinesiologist-led small group hydrotherapy program for clients with limited mobility and multiple chronic conditions. Pool classes are completed in Campbell River and include individualized take-home exercise programs.

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for people with: 

  • Weight bearing restrictions – the buoyancy of the water helps to unload joints and can improve mobility without weight bearing. Clients who have sustained a fracture benefit from hydrotherapy while the bone is still healing. Clients with arthritis (where weight bearing is often painful) also benefit from water exercise.
  • Reduced strength and balance – the viscosity of the water can help with gentle resistance and help improve balance and strength in a safe setting

Pool program is returning September 2021 at the Anchor Inn!

See our "Upcoming Events" page for more info on dates/times.

Cost $100 +GST for 4 classes.