Express Injury Assessment Physio

In an effort to offload our local Emergency Departments and GPs, and provide timely care, Active Living Physio is offering a new Physiotherapy clinic as the first point of contact for patients with urgent musculoskeletal (muscle/bone/joint) issues. A scheduled appointment time is required, but no referral is needed. The appointment may be in-person or virtual. Payment is through extended health insurance or private pay.

Our goal is to provide patients with an assessment of their problem, a diagnosis and recommendations for early management. Physiotherapists are trained as ‘direct access practitioners’ meaning we are trained to screen for more serious pathologies and make the appropriate referral. This may mean sending you for an X-ray requisition for your injury, or asking you to speak with a doctor about medical management. We will communicate clearly with any other health care practitioner involved in your care.

If the injury does not require further intervention, we will explain the diagnosis to you, guide you on expected timelines, and recommend strategies for early management. If we recommend further physiotherapy, you can be seen by a member of our Physiotherapy team for subsequent appointments at our Larwood Plaza location.

Our goal is a timely assessment, and early appropriate management for you.

Knowledge is power.

Express Injury Assessment