Video Running Gait Analysis

Are you a runner? Walker? Triathlete? Do you want to improve your speed and reduce the likelihood of injury? Then an individual video gait analysis is for YOU!

A skilled runner has a cadence of 90 strides per minute. In a 30-minute run, each foot will hit the ground 2700 times each with a ground reaction force of about 2x body weight. Due to the repetitive nature and high impact of running it’s not surprising the rate of overuse injuries in runners is high. Poor technique, mal-alignment and muscle imbalance are often at the root of running injuries. Often, what appears to be a simple foot problem, can be related to a dysfunction further up the kinetic chain, say in the knee, hip, or pelvis.

Our Physiotherapists are experienced runners and movement specialists and are up-to-date on the current running research. On the treadmill, we will analyze your entire gait pattern, not only your feet, from all angles. Using video analysis, you will be able to see any anomalies.

Gait Analysis includes:

A 90-minute session with a Registered Physiotherapist
• individual assessment of your training program and goals and footwear
• individual assessment of your muscle balance, alignment and biomechanics relevant to running
• treadmill video analysis of your entire gait pattern, including feedback and review
• exercise prescription if needed, shoe recommendations, and feedback/advice on running gait to improve efficiency and reduce chance of injury

Please bring running shorts, tank top/sports bra and your (clean) running shoes. Email office(at) or call 778.420.0111 to book an appointment.

Technically sound, well-balanced runners are efficient and effective. Our goal is to keep you running longer, stronger, and injury–free.

*Video Gait Analysis performed by a Registered Physiotherapist is covered by many extended health insurance plans; however, we do not direct-bill this service. You will be provided with a receipt to submit to your extended health.