Custom Bike Fit Analysis

Do you want to improve your cycling performance and efficiency while reducing pain and the likelihood of injury?

Then a custom bike fit analysis by a Registered Physiotherapist is for YOU!

The rate of overuse injuries in cyclists is high due to the repetitive nature of cycling. Poor technique and mal-alignment will affect your performance and put you at risk of injury.

Your custom bike fit analysis will include:

• Analysis of your riding position from front, back and side perspectives
• Examination of the pedal/foot interface, and the knee, hip, trunk, shoulder, elbow and wrist alignment using plumb lines, goniometry, and/or video technology
• Physiotherapy assessment of your specific muscle flexibility, strength and postural alignment related to cycling
• The necessary mechanical adjustments or recommendations to achieve optimal positioning
• Instruction on riding technique
• Specific exercise prescription where indicated
• A written summary of the bike fit analysis

We fit both road bikes and mountain bikes.

Custom Bike Fit WITH CLEATS (clipped in) - $180 (90min)

Custom Bike Fit WITHOUT CLEATS - $120 (60min)

Please bring your bike and bike shoes, and wear your cycling clothing. Email sophia(at) or call 778.420.0111 to schedule your bike fit appointment.

Bike Fits are conducted by Sophia Sauter and Nick Andres, Registered Physiotherapists. Sophia completed 18 hours in bike fit education and is certified by as a BikeFit Pro.

*Custom Bike Fits are performed by a Registered Physiotherapist and are covered by many extended health insurance plans; however, we do not direct-bill this service. You will be provided with a receipt to submit to your extended health