Mobility & Stretching Classes 


Are you tight? Inflexible? Wish you could move with more ease? This class series is for you!

What is it?

• Roll, stretch and learn multi-joint mobility

• Exercises you can do anywhere, anytime!
• Learn new stretches and mobility exercises for different body parts each week!

All classes will be held at the Active Living Physio Clinic, #2-2380 South Island Highway, Willow Point (Larwood Plaza)

Classes are developed by a Kinesiologist

Please bring your own: yoga mat, strap/belt, lacrosse/tennis/dog ball and foam roller. If you do not have these items, please speak to the Robyn or the admin staff for options. We have most of these items for sale in the clinic. 

For upcoming course dates and times, please see our "Upcoming Events" page